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Common Symptoms of Skin Cancer

At Bathurst Street Skin Cancer Clinic, we aim to educate patients, so they can identify skin cancers at the earliest stage. Skin cancers that are identified and treated early are less likely to cause major harm.

Examples of Skin Lesions


Although melanoma is one of the least common types of skin cancer, we sadly lose around 50 Tasmanians every year because of it—largely because Australia has the highest incidence of this type of skin cancer. If it is identified and treated early, the risk of negative health outcomes decreases.

Basal Cell Cancer

The opposite of melanoma, BCCs are the most common. In fact, the majority of skin cancers consist of BCCs. They tend to grow slowly, but can become large over time and invade locally. If identified early, treatment outcomes are improved.

Solar Keratoses

Also known as pre-cancerous skin lesions, solar keratoses are usually found on the body’s exposed areas (e.g. hands and face). They can be treated with a variety of methods, including cryotherapy, medicated cream treatments, and photodynamic therapy.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Invasive SCC has a legitimate risk of spreading across the body. It is the second most common skin cancer in Australia, and there are approximately 350 deaths caused by SCC every year. The risk is considerably lower if it is identified and treated early.

Typical Warning Signs of Skin Cancer


on your skin that itch, bleed, or change in size or colour.

New Skin Marks or Spots...

especially if you are aged 40 years or over.


that do not appear to heal

over time.

Skin Lesions...

that look unnaturally different from other spots or marks on your skin.

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